Karla N Harris Leadership – Scholar

Goal:  To Grow Leaders in District 27A1 through assisting Lions from the District to attend Leadership Institutes and/or Forms and to recognize True Leaders in our District.  You do Not have to receive a Fellow Award to receive Scholar Funds.

Financial Assistance will be available for: 

ELLI – Emerging Lions Leadership Institute

RLLI – Regional Lions Leadership Institute

USA/Canada Form – First time attendees, up to $250 for Early applications. Must provide proof of attendance and report from the Forum. (DGs and VDGs not eligible if District is reimbursing.)

*We are aware that Lions Club International (LCI)is frequently changing the acronyms of training sessions, and they may be the same training as above.

Criteria for ELLI & RLLI:

  • Current member of District 27A1
  • Member in Good Standing
  • Must want to train in District 27A1 after completion
  • Have not attended same institute in past 5 yrs.
  • Must arrange & pay for person travel and hotel to and from institute
  • Registration fee will be reimbursed with proof of attendance and completion of training institute
  • Not yet attained the office of District Governor

To Apply

  • Lions wishing for assistance must send written requests to the current District 27A1 Global Leadership (GLT) chair and the current 27A1 District Governor.
  • The Lion must be approved and accepted by the current Global Leadership Chair and the Karla N Harris family representative.
  • The Training Institute must be approved and accepted by LCI for consideration for assistance.
  • Funds can only be disbursed if the fund has enough money to do so.


In addition to Financial Assistance, a Portfolio & Pin will be given.

Committee: Chair, Lion Patti Redlin, Lion Clarence Harris, Lion Claren Harris, Lion Casey Harris, Lion Lori Serrano, PDG Larry Redlin & current 27A1 Global Leadership Team (GLT) Chair.