The District 27A1

PID Lion Karla N Harris Leadership Fellowship

Reason and Importance of the Two-Part of (1) Award & (2) Scholarships

This Award and Scholarship was created by the Harris Family to Honor a Lion who made a difference in District 27A1 and to assist a Lion who is starting to make a difference in our District.

Past International Director Karla N Harris is a large part of why our District is respected for its Leadership and Quality of Lions who have excelled both in and outside our District.  Through the years, Lion Karla took many Lions under her wing and helped guide them to become a better Lion.

Lion Karla got you involved and pushed you to grow as a Lion, and possibly become a Cabinet Member, Zone Chair, District Governor, Council Chair, or International Director.

The importance of this Award and Scholarship is to honor a Lion who is showing aptitude in becoming one of those great Leaders that Lion Karla would be proud of.  Because of her teaching, our District continues to “Make a Difference” in all that we do!