Share the news from your Club in Wisconsin Lion.

Do you have an upcoming event to promote? A project that you are developing? A successful event that you want to share? Nearly every Club fits into one of those categories. Tell us!

What do you need to do?

Include the important details – event, time, date, place, cause, etc. and send it to this address ( Don’t worry if you are not a journalist. Just send us the information and we can make you sound marvelous! Check the date of publication, so you do not miss an opportunity to promote your event!

If you missed the announcement in Wisconsin Lion, send us a review of the event and a photo! We can take your words, add some pizazz, include the photo, and give your Club some exposure. If you are not a photo whiz, send us the image and we can crop out unwanted backgrounds to highlight just what you want!

It is just that easy . . . Well, if you send in your information a few days before the deadline, that would be ever better. But, October 1 is the cut-off date for the November/December issue.

So, what exactly do you need to send?

First, the content. The information can be sent in a Word document or in the body of an email. Those are the preferred options. However, we have the ability to take a pdf file and extract the words.

Second, the image. The great majority of cell phone photos will work just fine. We can crop the images to focus on just the subject of the shot. However, images taken from a Facebook page or other websites are typically web-only quality and will not print clearly in the Wisconsin Lion. Be sure to include information on what is in the photo so we can create the caption. A desired photo will be about 1Meg (1000k) in size. A low-quality image will be about 50K. There is a huge print quality difference between 50K and 1000K, and will be very noticeable when your photo prints. If you have a photo in your hands, send that to us, we’ll scan and covert it to a digital file to use in our promotions, and return the photo.

Third, the contact. Let us know who to reach out to when we have questions.

If you are receiving this email and are not the point person for submitting information about your Club to the district, please let us know who we need to reach (and their contact details) so we can send the information to the correct person so your Club gets the publicity it deserves­­­.

Next deadline for Wisconsin Lion is October 1 for the November/December issue. And, use the same email ( to send us calendar and website content. The appropriate person will handle your email and send you a confirmation of receipt. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you want to plan ahead, we have six Wisconsin Lion issues per year. The additional deadlines are below:

Deadline:                     Issue Date

December 1                 January/February 2025

February 1                   March/April 2025

April 1                          May/June 2025

June 1                          July/August 2025

August 1                     September/October 2024

October 1                   November/December 2024

Patti Hurtgen
Wisconsin Lions Editor